Tribe Hotel West Perth

Case Studies

Location: Perth, Australia

Year: 2016

Client: 4 Walker Avenue Investments

Builder:  ProBuild Constructions

Scope:  $30 million


About the project

Tier-1 contractor ProBuild was contracted to construct the $30 million Tribe hotel building in West Perth. The 126-room hotel was not a traditional construction project because everything above the second floor was being manufactured in China. In other words, many of the rooms for this 8-story building were modular structures manufactured overseas and delivered to the site.

Lighthouse Engineering’s solution

ProBuild needed a partner it could trust to help pull all the modular pieces together and they hired us. We opened the development by 3D modelling the structured before doing the steel detailing. Once we had completed our fabrication aspect of the work, we went out and installed the steel at the site. This allowed for the modular systems to be installed without incident and for the Tribe Hotel to be completed.